Welcome to the obelisk of Babylon
Our employees are specialists in law and financial accounting and we have translators
We offer the following services
All property lawsuits - penal - companies - final financial accounts - general services
We offer the following services
Residence - Customs - Social Security - Foreign Work Permits - Taxes

About Us

We strive for excellence in legal aspects. Our knowledge and experience to provide our legal advice and solutions are uniquely at the forefront of providing appropriate and appropriate legal advice and solutions to the client on crises and issues related to business and banking dealings. It always seeks to deal with the client in a different way and approach from his requirements, study his requirements, identify the challenges he faces and give him enough time..

Our Services

Our Services

Issuing multiple features and various other types of features, as well as issuing work permits for foreign workers in the Ministry of Labor. We also register Iraqi and foreign workers in the Retirement and Social Security Department and follow up on the payment of contributions

Our Services

Preparing the final accounts of companies within a specialized accounting cadre of accountants and legal auditors, as well as following up the issuance of tax clearance.

Our Services

Registration of local and foreign companies, starting from reserving the trade name until issuing the registration certificate, submitting all the necessary documents and attesting the required documents within the specified period, as well as submitting accounts to the Companies Registrar.


Completing all the work entrusted to us within the appropriate time and at the lowest cost, such as the customer’s comfort and happiness and maintaining the relationship between us by dealing honestly and seriously and informing the customer of all developments that occur during the work to be aware and aware of what is being accomplished to complete the task entrusted to us by him

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Baghdad - Iraq
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